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Tired of the workload plus the pressure that come with your work? Are you feeling low and sad these past few days? And to top it all, does your body feel pain especially in the back? If you have answered yes to all of the questions stated above, now is the time for you to relax, make time for yourself and have that rejuvenating trip to the spa.

Taking some time off from your usual busy schedule will give you many benefits. Firstly, this is the time where you spoil yourself. It also helps recharge yourself with the much-needed strength that you will be using up when you come back to the real world. And most importantly, this is the time when you get to spend quality hours with your loved ones.

There are many ways to relax but perhaps the most invigorating one is taking a trip to the spa. Spas, in turn, also have many kinds. You can choose among the many themes like traditional spas and the modern ones. One very interesting spa in the heart of Cortland, New York today is the Hope Lake Lodge which is a waterfalls spa. Be one of the first to experience pampering which is considered to be first class. This wondrous place opens its doors to the public this fall.

You may ask now what sets this spa from the other spas in the state. Well, for one, this spa does not just concentrate on giving a relaxed ambiance, having well-trained personnel, and using state-of-the art equipment. In fact, for them, they also want to make sure that they are focusing also on the wellness of their clients. This spa, which takes up 5,500 square feet, comes with an indoor water park, a four-star condominium unit, a fitness center and, of course, majestic spa suites with two waterfalls. In these spa suites, you can enjoy the amenities like multipurpose tables, vibration therapy tub, sauna, and shower which can accommodate two persons. You can also enjoy a lounging area with a flat screen television so you can watch your favorite shows.

Perhaps the most interesting feature in this spa is the ability of the treatment spaces to change colors. This feature is actually something that had to do with a study conducted that said that colors can affect or change people's moods.

Next thing that you would want to know are the services and the treatments that will be offered. The spa will have massages, facial, affusions and balneotherapy. Basic services like manicure and pedicure will also be available. You can also take advantage of the salon services like make-up and hair-do.

Added attractions to the already-beautiful spa are all natural candles. You will also enjoy the services more because they will use aromatherapy essential oils.

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A New Spa This Fall

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This article was published on 2010/03/29