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I read the "Top Tips to Detoxification: How Do You Know If You Need to Detox?" ( Why? Because I needed the top tips to detoxification and know if I need one, duh. The author, J. Rica, asked specific questions, which in short a "blah," to determine my answer on whether I need one. Every darn question confirmed my need to run to a holistic detox spa somewhere in New York.

So there it goes. Off to a spa clinic to get that detoxification.

Basically, detoxification is the elimination or flushing out of toxins that harm us in the long run. In my case, the ruin is happening and it won't take long before I become the ruin. Unfortunately, my face is turning to a volcanic reservoir due to breakouts. That gave the idea to add a facial and body massage service. Unluckily, the acnes are just the undersized problems in front of a more serious ailment.

I consulted my doctor to find out if what type of detoxification I should choose. It bothered me a lot when my doctor told me I may get colon cancer because of excessive use of medications to wake me up at night when I'm working.

I work during the night. My job requires me to pay attention to overseas and international calls to connect them here in New York. Most of those calls are made in other continents hence a different time zone.

It started to gravely frighten me. Aside from body treatment spa I arranged with the girl on the phone, I asked some things for my personal over-all detoxification. I knew I had to find a colon hydrotherapy spa or a colonic therapy NYC clinic to prevent any system errors in my body. For the twenty-seventh time, I feared for my life.

My doctor told me that detoxification can actually help in weight loss. That's perfect for me whose heaviness ticks the line between overweight and obesity. I thought it was a wake up call for me. I want that youthfulness in me back. I need to be rejuvenated and reenergized to do the things I want even though my shift forbids me to.

Detoxification is a lifestyle, I guess. Maybe I should quit my job in the future. It seems I'm just earning big dough to fund my colon cancer in the future. I don't want that and so are all of us.

Detoxification started. I plan to keep this habit going to a state where I can enjoy life without any cancer or pimple. Goodbye bad habits, hello spa, I won't leave you cigarette.

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Detoxify Me

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This article was published on 2010/11/17