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A spa or hot tub is the place that you relax after a hard days work. The hot water and massaging water jets makes them a useful tool in the quest to unwind and can actually be used for therapeutic reasons for muscle related conditions. As they can be quite costly to buy and install, most people want to keep their spa or hot tub in good working order. This will require you to maintain the water, the chemicals and the filter. A useful accessory that can help you in this regard is a spa cover.

Spa covers fit over the top of the spa or hot tub and keeps dirt and debris out of the water. This means that there is less chance of the water filling up with nasty bacteria and will keep the spa filter clear of things like leaves and twigs. They can also keep the water warm while not in use so that the tub uses less energy when it is time to start up again.

There are a range of different spa covers that you can purchase. The cheapest are the tarp type covers that are simply stretched across the top of the spa and secured with straps or clips. The next level up is the foam cover that is - as the name suggest - made from foam and is also secured by straps. The more expensive covers are made from fiberglass and they usually have a hinge on them so that you can lift them up easily. Some covers even come with a motorized arm so that you don't have to physically move the cover.

If you have children or pets then it is usually a good idea to buy a strong, hard top cover. This will not only keep your spa clean but it will also act as a safety mechanism to stop children or pets from falling into the spa when unsupervised. Hard top covers are also ideal for areas that receive a lot of snow or water that may weigh on the cover; or, high wind areas that may need a heavy cover that will stay attached to the tub.

In conclusion, a spa cover is an important accessory for your spa or hot tub. It keeps dirt and debris out of the water, ensuring that the spa stays clean and lasts a long time. Hard top covers can also act as safety mechanisms to keep children or pets safe around the spa.

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Quick Advice on Spa Covers

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This article was published on 2010/03/27